The Peter n’ Chris Show!: Funny People, Funny Situations

Situation Comedy
Victoria: Billed as the “first show of the 2009 Victoria Fringe” is a great way to start off your run, and to have your opening show be only a few seats shy of a sell-out is even better.  That’s exactly what happened with local favourites, Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson as they left the crowd laughing with this “sitcom-esque” creation dubbed The Peter ‘n Chris Show.
These UVic Theatre grads delivered the goods as they illustrate what it’s like to be a part of - and “live” - as the generation of slackers.  Between running through a slow-motion action sequence which harkened back to Terminator 2 and a training montage that featured John Parr’s “Man In Motion” - which, admittedly, I’m a sucker for every time - they had the audience in stitches.  The show was occasionally manic, frequently physical and often hilarious.  While it’s classified as a sketch comedy show, I think it would be more apt to define it as amore of a situation comedy.  I think it would not only draw more people in (as I can’t recall any Fringe show being billed as such), but also it really isn’t a full-on sketch show.
Not that it matters as far as the material is concerned.  With witty banter and intentionally flippant dialogue being delivered in a well-paced manner, these guys have the chops. Wilson exudes a hybrid of Zach Braff and Ryan Reynolds, and is tasked with playing the most characters in the piece.  He pulls it off admirably as does Carlone, who is the glue that holds it all together and in a form that is equal to his partner.  I look forward to seeing what these two can do next.
Give The Peter ‘n Chris Show a look.  Because unlike other shows, you can’t TiVo it.
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By Mike Vardy