The Peter n’ Chris Show! With Peter n’ Chris!!

60 minutes
Level Headed Friends (Vancouver, BC)
Venue 1: Downtown Community Activity Centre (755 Pandora)

Two award-winning comedians*. 8 ½ sketches. Are the sketches award-winning? No. Because they’re new! So get ready for hilarious adventure following two members of a spoiled generation that refuse to grow up. Peter and Chris (ITSAZOO, Atomic Vaudeville) will do good deeds to your funny bone! In 3-D!!

“I laughed so hard I peed joy” – andrew bailey (writer/performer Putz).

Show Times

Thu Aug 27, 6:15

Sat Aug 29, 9:45

Sun Aug 30, 8:00

Mon Aug 31, 6:15

Thu Sep 3, 6:15

Fri Sep 4, 9:00

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