Toronto’s fifth annual Sketch Comedy Festival has (long) come and gone, leaving behind a wake of satisfied audiences and enthused sketch artists.

There is never a shortage of sketch performances in Toronto, but there is also no substitute for the convenience and positive energy that a festival provides. Capitalizing on that convenience and energy, PLANK’s own comedy afficionados, Justin Haigh and Ryan West, took in a broad swath of this year’s performances. Here are their distilled takes on the troupes, the performers, and even a little socio-cultural fat chewing.

Justin’s Hits:
Right off the bat I’ll say I...

This is not a picture of Justin or Ryan

Summer 2009 may seem sometime ago (especially by internet standards) but really was it so far back? Justin Haigh submitted his final round-up of mini-reviews for Toronto's SummerWorks Festival right in the middle of the Victoria and Vancouver Fringe Festival madness. We had to table the reviews - and Justin's take on the overall Festival experience - until now, when we've had a bit of a chance to catch our breath.

 So, relax, put your mind back to hot, humid days on the shores of Lake Ontario and let Justin remind us all of what really happened last summer......

Feeling melancholy that summer play is over or the Melancholy Play from last summer.