Running until May 3 at Studio 1398, Equity Collective Bad Dog Productions is presenting Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Adventure. It's a spoof make-over of The Hound of the Baskervilles adapted by a British comedy duo (John Nicholson and Steven Canny) which was such a hit in its 2007 premiere that it ended up touring the UK and transferring to the West End. 

Ellie King directs this fast-paced production featuring James Rowley, Mark Carter and Michael Charrois in multiple roles. Our intrepid detective Sherlock Holmes (Charrois) sports a fine French-ish accent and is flanked by a goofy Dr. Watson (Carter). They encounter...

Cast members James Rowley, Mark Carter and Michael Charrois

Holmes and Watson Save the Empire is a musical farce produced by First Impressions Theatre running in North Vancouver until March 16th. The writers Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner flew in from Oregon to direct the Canadian premiere of their script.

As advertised this is a genre piece, not for seriously intellectual Sherlock Holmes fans. The script is peppered with contemporary word play and the characters indulge in much pomp and silliness. The musical accompaniment is similarly tongue-in-cheek and for the most part the plot progresses with a light-hearted, energetic pace that will keep your feet tapping. The script was fun, but some of the refrains and dialogue became...

Damon Calderwood , Gordon Roberts in Holmes & Watson, photographer Ryan Crocker

A Buddha statue sits prominently downstage centre, radiating out a message to the audience: “keep your eye on me, something terrible is about to happen to me”.  The anticipation of disaster and predicting which of the various elements will likely go wrong is at the core of a work like Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy, currently in production at the Arts Club.

  You know from the start that the Buddha is in danger and the joy comes in is seeing when/how the object will ultimately meet its demise.  It’s kind of like sex in that you know there should...

Julie McIsaac and Charlie Gallant in Black Comedy. Photo: Emily Cooper.