Fun and frivolity come to mind. I have to admit, I really enjoy a good musical. I like the new ones, the oldies and the goldies.

Forbidden Broadway first opened on off-Broadway in 1982. The creator and writer, Gerard Allessandri, in re-writing the lyrics to musical numbers, took stabs at the apparent deterioration of Broadway and how things weren’t the way they used to be on the Great White Way. For 20 years Forbidden Broadway played off-Broadway, continually adding new numbers as new musicals were being produced. Allessandri also released eight albums based on the many songs from...

Aaron Lau, Cathy Wilmot and David Nicks belt them out in Forbidden Broadway

I remember a review for an REM album – I think it might have been for New Adventures in Hi-Fi – where the reviewer started his critique with the following: “You already know whether you’ll like this album or not”.

He was referencing the fact that REM had been (and still is) guilty of producing basically the same album over and over again.

That immortal line rang through my mind as I was watching the Arts Club’s production of White Christmas. Not so much that the Arts Club has fallen into a rut but rather in thinking of...

Check out the frocks! Monique Lund and Sara-Jeanne Hosie wearing jaw-droppers in White Christmas. Photo by David Cooper.