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Smalltown: A Pickup Musical is an original musical by Amiel Gladstone and Lucas Myers, directed by Matthew Payne, and with musical direction and arrangements by Brad L'Cuyer. A SKAM production currently on as part of the Victoria Fringe Festival it is staged from the back of a pickup truck in an urban park where wind and sun serve as mics and lighting, and a nearby shipping container is backstage and green room. 20-meter Garry oaks frame the action - perfect props for the opening song lyrics "...after the last tree falls."

The characters, plot and content are pretty...

A Pickup Musical in a pickup

The UNO festival, by it's very nature, has its limitations; there are only two venues, and no production has more than three shows. Some shows deserve both a larger venue, and a longer run, if only to accommodate the number of people who want to see them.

Case in point is Cariboo Buckaroo, which sold out its second show, and will, no doubt, sell out it's third, and final, show (Saturday May 29) at the Intrepid Theatre Club. Ideally Buckaroo should have been given room to breathe in UNO's other venue, The Metro, rather than Intrepid's cramped...

Matthew Payne