Firehall Arts Centre

Mimi (or A Poisoner’s Comedy) set in seventeenth century France, is a modern musical, with a clever and creepy feel that I loved. In this Touchstone production currently on at the Firehall Arts Centre, lavish costumes and wigs transport the audience to a world where debauchery rules. The opening scene is a rich romp in a Paris boudoir with sex, music, and Louis XIV's lavish draped material. Even the pianist plays in costume and wig.

Debauchery is fun but when Mimi’s lover introduces death to her it proves even more titillating. Mimi uses pigeons to bake her poisonous pies so...

Mimi (or A Poisoner’s Comedy)

OK, I have been in Debt; many of us have and many of us still are.

What’s it like? Not always good, not always bad. The country runs on debt, the people run on debt, the industries run on debt and most importantly the government runs on debt. It’s everywhere, like a living breathing entity we all know about and hear about on a constant basis; so why not write and sing about it? Make fun of it, tease it, laugh at it, cry about it, wallow in it… DEBT - the Musical, does just that.

Written by...

The cast of DEBT - the Musical.

Naked, beautiful, natural, and perfect symbols of the male and female bodies, dancers Alison Denham and Billy Marchenski, in one full hour of a most intriguing interpretive performance, tell a history of man and woman, of the body and the soul. A piece of intricate choreography ranging from animalist primal movements to sophisticated modern gestures, their bodies reveal the rawness and the evolutionary change of the human form.


The choreographer, Alvin Erasga Tolentino, collaborates with the two dancers to weave together a unique and deep...

ADAMEVE/Man-Woman, Alison Denham and Billy Marchenski