The Arts Club is bringing to the stage a holiday one-man show. Starring Ryan Beil as Crumpet, The Santaland Diaries offers one elf's experiences in the New York world of Macy's Santaland. And if you like your Christmas entertainment on the sarcastic side, this may just be for you.

Written by David Sedaris, The Santaland Diaries began as a radio essay read by the author on National Public Radio in 1992. An overnight sensation, it was the author's first big break and led to him continuing to share his diary entries with radio listeners monthly. The onstage version was...
Ryan Beil as the Macy's elf named Crumpet (photo by Tim Matheson)

The anticipation of seeing my very first Ruby Slippers Theatre production was only fuelled more when I saw the set. Consisting of an elaborate network of doors and levels - already I could feel the exceptional production values of this production. With almost a full house surrounding me, I had a very good feeling about what I was about to see. I first thought this was going to be a serious play, but to my delight Drew McCreadie delivers a wiz bang of farcical humour, a sprinkle of slapstick and a healthy dollop of laugh out loud humour!


John Murphy & Jennifer Mawhinney in Hotel Bethlehem (photo credit: Tim Matheson)

Off-White Christmas is a blast!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Which means that the seasonal shows are starting up! And the improvisors of Vancouver Theatresports are not to be left behind.

Theatresports improvisors making with the merry!

Hiro Kanagawa's new play, The Patron Saint of Stanley Park currently on at the Arts Club, is about a harried mother, a troubled teenage daughter and a brainy ten year old son coming to terms with the death of the husband and the childrens' father on Christmas eve the previous year.

The two children are sent by bus to visit their uncle on Christmas Eve but they take a detour into Stanley Park to do their own private memorial to their father, who was a seaplane pilot that regularly flew past Prospect Point. They get caught in a major...

The Patron Saint of Stanley Park

I remember a review for an REM album – I think it might have been for New Adventures in Hi-Fi – where the reviewer started his critique with the following: “You already know whether you’ll like this album or not”.

He was referencing the fact that REM had been (and still is) guilty of producing basically the same album over and over again.

That immortal line rang through my mind as I was watching the Arts Club’s production of White Christmas. Not so much that the Arts Club has fallen into a rut but rather in thinking of...

Check out the frocks! Monique Lund and Sara-Jeanne Hosie wearing jaw-droppers in White Christmas. Photo by David Cooper.