Shake the Sheets - Shaking Things Up

Many fringe plays incorporate humour. Humour, when successful, makes people laugh and entertains. It takes courage to write and produce a play that makes people think and that is what Shake the Sheets does. It makes you question reality, creativity and imagination. Shake the Sheets is courageous and should be applauded for pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

Written by Mack Gordon, the play features Gordon and Kaitlin Williams as husband and wife who are struggling artists and trying to connect their individual needs and desires. How do you create a life you want to live? When things go wrong, can you redirect your life or will you get lost in your own interpretation of events? These are concepts that this husband and wife struggle with. The music of Jordan Klaassen is used to create the different worlds that the couple inhabit. Language is used to build scenes, as the words are spoken the scene develops, music and lights are added and the action begins. This technique emphasizes our ability to create our own reality. Or are we losing ourselves in our dreams? Different guest appearances at each performance add to the randomness of the play and its statement on flux in life. Shake The Sheets is successful at shaking it up.

By MJ Ankenman