Hip.Bang! Improv Alternately Amuses

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The Hip.Bang! Improv duo of Devin Mackenzie and Thomas Hill provide some decent entertainment. They both have clearly mastered – well, learned – the tricks of the trade that can keep their audience engaged.

On opening night, the show got some laughs, but seemed to lack polish. Timing was just slightly off. Several times, cues were perhaps not picked up on at opportune times. It was good – just not awesome. Yet.

To be sure, there were good bits. A part involving a hookah-smoking master and protégé was pretty cool. A desert scene involving a lost traveler picking stuff out of a box lacked punch, as did a later scene involving a pirate and senile grandfather. Another scene involving a pair of sleep conference speakers started extremely well… and then sort of fell off. Some good ideas, but delivery was just not there all the time.

Will the show get better as the Fringe goes on? Yes. It was an opening night performance early in the evening and a small crowd, after all. Improvisers play off the energy in the room. A bigger (and perhaps, drunker) crowd will probably bring out the best in these boys. Worth checking out.

By Jonathon Narvey