Bi, Hung, Fit … and Married - Intimate in Every Way

Performance Art, Queer -

In “Bi, Hung Fit … and Married”, Mark Bentley Cohen tells the story of how he pried opened the closet door even though he thought marriage and kids had sealed it shut. It’s a simple one-man show with a sparse set, but Mark’s openness, humility and humour are intricate and pull the audience in. Teamed with producer and wife Lianna Walden, the story unfolds far beyond the constructs of Mark’s closet and portrays a changing marriage and a husband and wife’s changing love.

The script is taut, well-paced and above all honest, which makes it such a sexy show. The project first began as a book and has been adapted to stage for the 2012 Fringe Festival.  The seams of this adaptation show. The direction could be stronger as the physicality is indecisive and at times secondary to the words, but the script is good enough to hold things together. And how could you portray two men and a woman having sex in a one-man show without relying heavily on verbal description?

This play is sexy. Not just because we get to hear detailed descriptions of engaging sexual encounters, but because it’s intimate. Heed the sexual content warning and go see this show with a loved one, preferably an 18+ loved one whom you wouldn’t mind going home with.

By Josephine Mitchell