Biographies of the Dead and Dying

60 minutes
MachineFair/Craning Neck Theatre
An author travels to a remote location to investigate a haunted house and write the biography of a ghost. Instead of curing her of writer's block, she finds herself in an intense relationship with the dead. A psychological ghost story featuring dark humour and twisted love, this is a spare exploration of the power we have for creation and destruction.
Written by Andrew Templeton (Portia, My Love, This Mortal Flesh), directed by Jeremy Waller; featuring Heather Lindsay and Simon Driver.
Warning: Biographies of the Dead and Dying deals with adult themes and features nudity; it is therefore not suitable for audiences under the age of 18.
Sep 10 - 9:00 PM
Sep 11 - 6:30 PM
Sep 12 - 7:45 PM
Sep 13 - 7:15 PM
Sep 14 - 9:00 PM
Sep 15 - 7:15 PM
Sep 18 - 10:00 PM
Sep 19 - 7:00 PM
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