Biographies of the Dead and Dying

Biographies of the Dead and Dying by Andrew Templeton

To cure herself of writer’s block, an author decides to rent a haunted house in a remote location. Her goal: to write the biography of a ghost.

Instead of curing her of writer’s block, the author finds herself in an intense relationship with the missing and the dead. A haunting story with dark humour and twisted love, it is a spare exploration of the power we have to create and destroy. 

MachineFair and Craning Neck Theatre present Biographies of the Dead and Dying, a psychological ghost story by Andrew Templeton, author of Portia, My Love (nominated for a Jessie for Outstanding Original Script 2006) and This Mortal Flesh (nominated for a Jessie for Outstanding Original Script 2009). 

Unfolding in the manner of the best Hollywood ghost stories, including unexpected plot twists, Biographies of the Dead and Dying is directed by Jeremy Waller (The Dark Between) and features Heather Lindsay and Simon Driver. 

In transforming the Havana Theatre into a haunted house Biographies of the Dead and Dying will employ the creative talents of innovative sound designer Emma Hendrix (nominated for a Jessie for Outstanding Sound Design 2009 for Transmission), intelligent scenography by Kyla Gardiner and stylish costumes by Nina Prelog.  

Andrew Templeton’s Portia, My Love is mysterious and intelligent. …an appealing bedtime story for a warm summer night.
-Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

[This Mortal Flesh] is a great “date play.” It’s funny, silly and sexy… How playwright Andrew Templeton came up with this idea is anybody’s guess.
-Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

MachineFair develops original work for the stage with a focus on strong narrative and effective story-telling. Our vision is to create well built theatre machines with every element – text, performance, design – working to enhance the story-telling and thematic content. 

Craning Neck Theatre is committed to telling stories which might otherwise not be told, and which, through the passion of theatre, may have the opportunity to excite a broader discourse and provoke thought, if not action; passion, if not change; discomfort, if not unrest.

Not all ghost stories are make believe.

Biographies of the Dead and Dying, part of this year’s Vancouver International Fringe Festival.

Venue: Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Dates: September 10 – 19 2009, all evening performances, times vary; check website for more information

Tickets: $10.00 (weekday) $12.00 (weekend); half-price opening 10 September. For more information on tickets and show-times go here.

For more information: go to MachineFair or Craning Neck Theatre.

Warning: Biographies of the Dead and Dying deals with adult themes and features nudity; it is therefore not suitable for audiences under the age of 18.

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