Fringe Review Team Top Picks Thus Far

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Danielle Benzon
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Betwen us, the Plank Review Team has seen every single show at the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival. Like you, we all have different tastes, so we thought a few of us would share our favourites thus far. We'll have a more complete list from the full team after the festival, but here's a little something to help whet your whistle.

If you're having trouble with the Fringe's regular website, the ticket site still seems to be working:

Julia Fox
Walk the Talk -  innovative and artsy to the max
Generation Hot Program B - 3 amazing shows in 1 about a very current topic
Mind Games - masterful mentalism

Elena Krasnova
Bella Culpa - so funny and well performed! The best experience on Fringe!
Piaf & Brel - so well sung! Beautiful music beautifully performed!
The Dance Teacher - sheds light on the very difficult issue of child abuse

Mary Bennet
Peripeteia - creative, outdoor, women of all ages and their turning points
Space Hippo - weird and silly in a good way; beautiful shadow puppets (over 200 of them)
Orbweaver - multicultural playful and skillful

Danielle Benzon
"Ze" Queer as Fuck - a playful, gentle, inclusive approach to a topical issue
Does Not Play Well with Others - PUPPETS! dynamic use of media and stage, great chemistry between the performers
Berlin Waltz - poetic, deep, whimsical, will give you a personal sense of history and perspective on the future
The Nether - juicily uncomfortable questions, relevant to the affect technology has on our psychology 
Everything is Fine - simple, strong storytelling, matter-of-fact vulnerability

Note from Danielle: I did my top five because I've seen so much already this Fringe. I invite you to list your 3 (or 5) favs to date and why you liked them below.