I will not Hatch!

Justin found these guys universally vibrant.

This quirky navel-gazing comedy from writer/director Maya Rabinovitch profiles an ensemble of neurotic characters using the stresses of air travel as a catalyst to extract their inner secrets and demons.

Fragmented monologues reveal the characters true selves in bits and pieces, leaving plenty of room for imaginative and visually attractive staging to compliment the sharp dialogue. Universally vibrant performances from the ensemble work hand in hand with dramatic lighting and a revivalist soundscape to create a surreal dissection of our hyper-anxious world. A polished and colourful work that elicits plenty of laughs along the way.

_I will not Hatch continues as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival until July 12th._ For more information go "here":http://www.fringetoronto.com/fringe09/indoorBYOV_listings.html#I

or you could always go "here":http://hatchthis.t35.com/I_Will_Not_Hatch!/_.html

By Justin Haigh