Grey Rally: wankers not needed

Andrew Templeton

Following yesterday’s Grey Rally, the mainstream media has slowly started to pick up on the protest (in particular 24 Hours). The visual they’ve keyed in on is a young art student lying on the ground like he’s been shot with what looks like rose petals come out of his mouth.

I can think of few things more offensive than creating a visual connection between the cuts to arts funding and human rights abuses taking place in other countries. No one yesterday was in any remote danger of being killed or tortured for speaking their minds. We have only had our funding cut, not our voices or freedoms. Big difference.

Not only was it offensive, it was also stupid. I can think of nothing more likely to turn off the general public to the argument being made to restore funding the arts than stunts like this one. It makes the whole community look like pretentious wankers.

Oh well, at least he got his picture in the paper and on news clips, so at least he got something out of it. Even if it set back the cause several paces.