Joanna Gaskell plays a phenomenal role in this production. I cannot gush enough about how much intensity and passion she brings to her performance and how captivating her storytelling is. Iris O'Neill was the real star of the show however, all two feet of her!

The actual production is about Joanna, playing the role of a fighter pilot in the US military, telling the story of her journey from flying her F-15 “Tiger” in Iraq, to returning stateside as a new mother, to flying drones from Las Vegas. Sam (played by O’Neill) is her pre-school aged daughter and...

I have to admit a couple of things before I talk about this play: I like solo shows because they are the most intimate of performances and I loved Denis Simpson. What does Denis Simpson have to do with this play? Directly, very little. Indirectly, everything. I will get to that in a minute.

See it.