Zeppelin Was A Cover Band - Still Rocking It

The first time I saw Robert Plant walk on stage I screamed like the fan girl I was. When John Bonham died, I cried. So when Stadium Tour brought Zeppelin was a Cover Band to Vancouver Fringe this year, I was curious to say the least.  

Part dinner conversation, part documentary, and part rock concert, Stefan Cedilot takes the audience from Africa to the Mississippi Delta and Chicago to England where the four members of Led Zeppelin got together and became one of the greatest bands of all time. From session musician to the genius behind their success, what you may not know about Jimmy Page will intrigue you.

The props from this show came straight from the childhood home of every Zeppelin fan. The show itself has a rhythm of its own, starting off in a more subdued manner of living conversation and culminating in an energy only befitting an aggressive psychedelic rock band. Stefan Cedilot’s vast knowledge and passion for his subject matter engages the audience as he works his way through the albums and songs that make Led Zeppelin relevant even today.

Stafan Cedilot’s performance is infused with moments of humour and ends in a beautiful rant on the value of Led Zeppelin as a cover band. Were they really the ridiculously talented musicians you remember or rip off artists? Or both?

If you love history told through art, the blues, or are still wearing your Led Zeppelin concert t-shirt, this is a must see.

By Melody Owen