The Wild Dog Waits on the Concrete Path - Sit, Stay, and Beg for More

I love a good story, especially if it is artfully delivered. It was only natural that I would fall in love with The Wild Dog Waits On The Concrete Path. Written by and starring Nathan Howe, TWDWOTCP hooked me from its opening moments. Clever direction from Charlie Peters and simple, effective visuals by Brittany Lloyd make this a don’t-miss-it Fringe event.

Out to make a difference in the lives of his soon-to-be students, the naively optimistic new Principal takes us on his journey from Regina to the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan. With a GPS system right out of the Twilight Zone and wrong lyrics cheerfully sung, you just know you are witnessing a fish out of water tale. Fresh-faced and neatly combed, Howe captures the dazzling enthusiasm of the truly inexperienced.

Three multipurpose chalkboards and beautifully descriptive story telling create a world you will feel like you’ve visited. Maybe you have. Inspired by true events, this adventure in teaching has a ring of truth as clear as any school bell: hopes and plans are often far removed from what shows up. In this northern community’s school-within-a-cage, the most challenging lessons and tests are those faced by the Principal. Can he save his students with curriculum? Does he have the right footwear? Why won’t that bear-dog go away?

There are some delightful surprises in TWDWOTCP. I found the sound effects, all created by Howe, to be oddly satisfying, the character transitions dance-like, and then there is the car. The car must be seen.

This wonderfully simple, compelling performance has plenty of laugh out loud moments but might just bring a wee tear to your eye. Experience the wild dogs of Northern Saskatchewan from the safety and comfort of your Fringe seat. This one is a must see.

By Valerie Ostara