The Waves... First Tide: done with respect

Andrew Bunker as Bernard; Photo by Mar Images

This condensed adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s work from Harley Dog Productions is commendable on every level. Dedicated and authentic performances from the cast make the literary and monologue heavy script come alive, elegant direction allows the audience to stay immersed and engaged, and an above average set and production design lend it appropriate spit and polish.

The story, which follows a group of children as they grow and mature into young adults within the stuffy confines of Edwardian society, is told in year jumping snippets coloured by the insecurities, rivalries, affections, observations, and platonic crushes between the characters. What truly sets this work apart is the respect with which it treats the young characters; these kids are fully fleshed out individuals, not innocent set pieces.

The Waves... First Tide is part of this year's Toronto Fringe Festival. For more information catch a wave here.

By Justin Haigh