Like a Virgin: piss in your pants hilarious

Like a Virgin

Victoria: Friday night’s opening of Like a Virgin was packed and turning away people even 30 minutes before show time. And seeing the performance, you can understand why. Jimmy Hogg’s exaggerated-for-comedic-effect sexual history/biography is piss-your-pants hilarious.

Located in the small and sweaty Intrepid theatre audience members were glued shoulder to shoulder with perspiration and even being armed with fans before the commence of the shows couldn’t keep the venue from feeling like a pizza oven. Battling heat stroke, audience members still kept laughing, slapping their knees (or other people’s knees), and came out dripping.

From strange bits of mime, a sexist bird, an improved suicidal bus, and a bucket full of gags aimed to make men cringe for the passion of their wieners, Jimmy Hogg is a delectable treat, brimming with energy and likeable ‘English-ness’. Pay the little bit extra for a ticket online if you want a guaranteed seat. This theatre is tiny, and this is a show you won’t want to miss.

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By Emily Garland