Village Ax - What’s the Buzz…?

Peachy Keen Productions

Written by Sydney Hayduk and Elsa Resor-Taylor

Performed by Sydney Hayduk

I found myself drawn into the hive. Like Charlie, our doleful protagonist trapped in a soul-less social media job, I have wanted to opt out at times. But Charlie disappears into a village that is hive-like, borderline cultish, and just plain weird. Actor and co-writer of Village Ax, Sydney Hayduk plays three parts: disillusioned Charlie, grizzled Coach Ax, and sweetly vulnerable Annie, the Coach’s young granddaughter, all who interact with one another in rapid-fire conversation that flows as though there are distinctly separate characters on stage.

Coach Ax, a crusty former gym coach, with a voice that rasps like a buzz saw, is leader of this wanna-bee (spelling intended) utopian community. He guides Charlie into parts unknown, unexpected, and at times rather mystifying to me. I found myself a little lost among the quick switches in time and viewpoint as Hayduk had us visiting the future and the past while consistently reminding us to live in the present. Time does not move in a straight line here. But, for the most part, it works.

You will hear dark thoughts on the shitty-ness of life, the sweetness of child-like hope, and the horrors of public loss of bodily functions.

Village Ax is equally absorbing, perplexing, and angsty, interspersed with bursts of gorgeous dance. This is a truly intimate and passionate performance. Sydney Hayduk flies like a bee, presenting a piece of art that stings just a little.

By Valerie Ostara