The Vaudevillian - A Whole Lotta Magic

I have to admit, I was expecting a fair bit of cheesiness, but I was resolved to watch The Vaudevillian politely. I figured there would be kids and slapstick and corny jokes and maybe I’d crack a smile or two. Well, smack me upside the head with a rubber chicken! This show was delightful and not at all like the 4 year old’s birthday party I’d hoped it wouldn’t be.

For those who aren’t in the know, Vaudeville is a form of variety theatre, hugely popular in North America from the early 1880s to the 1930s. Shows could include singers, jugglers, comedians, magicians, and more. And this is what James Jordan offered to his mostly adult audience in this hilarious, fast-paced show. This is a family friendly show, so do not hesitate to bring your kids, they will love it too. The two children in the audience on Sunday evening were properly honoured with invitations to participate along the way.

From the moment the doors opened the entertainment began, with Jordan behind his keyboard, singing sweet little songs about poisoning pigeons, short people, and Jurassic Park. Sporting a fabulous curly moustache, spiffy suit and folksy manner, Jordan created a magical carnival atmosphere. There were so many "Whaaaaa?" moments, I wondered how many decks of cards one man could hide up his sleeve. They had to be up his sleeve. Right?

Comedy, crystal balls, hats, balloons, cards, things disappearing and reappearing in impossible places, this show offers true variety. James Jordan will surprise you. He will throw you off guard and you will find yourself cringing for brief moments before realizing he meant to do that.

You will be amazed. You will be astounded. You definitely will laugh and cheer, ooh and aah. And while this show doesn’t offer anything really new or outrageous in the realms of juggling or magic, Jordan’s charisma, witty patter and personal magic make it enormous fun.

By Valerie Ostara