Unplugged Cop: police songs in a police museum, seriously

Colin Godbout is unplugged - and maybe a cop

What would a fellow named Colin Godbout, a guitar, and the Vancouver Police Museum unveil to an audience of 6 on a Friday night? Police and Sting cover songs, of course. I admit that for the first 2 songs of this wonderful performance, I was searching for clues to a deeper symbolic reading. What did the order of the songs mean? Why the Police Museum, besides the obvious? Then I realized, this performance was not laden with symbolism, mystery, or metaphor. This performance was, however, filled to the brim with Colin Godbout’s love for music, his guitar, and for the Police and Sting.

I would highly recommend this show to music lovers and everyone else. A quirky sense of humour, an interesting venue, and absolutely beautiful guitar work make this performance a pleasure to be witness to,… even if you don’t know Roxanne and Message in a Bottle off by heart.

Unplugged Cop is on as part of this year's Vancouver Fringe. For more information of check this out.

By Lauren Everall