Straight. From That Side of Town – The 12 stages of acceptance

crazy, funny & weird: perfect for the fringe

1. [5:03 pm] What the fuck am I watching?

2. [5:08 pm] What the fuck is wrong with this woman? Is she supposed to be crazy?

3. [5:14 pm] Okay. Actually, she's pretty funny.

4. [5:15 pm] And remarkably weird.

5. [5:22 pm] Two old people just walked out in the middle of a pretty hilarious and obscenity-laced monologue. Now I'm really starting to enjoy myself.

6. [5:26 pm] Oh. Oh! She's examining grief over a mother's death from inside the mind of an under-educated, emotionally constricted and inarticulate small-town girl. That's...amazingly smart.

7. [5:37 pm] Okay, this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

8. [5:40 pm] And one of the saddest.

9. [5:41 pm]And weirdest. But in a good way. A brutally poetic way.

10. [5:45 pm] It's over? Already? That seemed fast. I was just getting into...that's it?

11. [5:55 pm] We are a remarkably repressed society when it comes to dealing with the inevitability of death, aren't we? Not that I think about it all that much...

12. [6:16 pm] My mom wouldn't have liked that play. Too many cuss words. She was pretty old fashioned.

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By Simon Ogden