Spilling Family Secrets -

"Spilling Family Secrets" was written, performed and produced by Susan Freedman in true Fringe style. It moved me to tears with its sincerity and love.

Susan Freedman is spilling her family secrets but in doing so she is giving us a glimpse into her parents life and their love affair through the letters they wrote to each other while apart during the depression of the 1920/30s. Interspersed between the letters are photographs of the couple as well as Freedmans not so happy wedded life. Spilling Family Secretsis more than a recollection, it is a look into a time when people wrote to each other and words held the power to bring two people together and create a bond that lasted a lifetime.

Freedmans writing, pacing and delivery are all top notch and make this play easy to love just like her parents. The discovery of these letters and their introduction to the world allows the audience to have hope. Hope for love and the belief that a life lived with love is the best life to have lived.

By MJ Ankenman