[sic]: delightfully obtuse and a real stand out


This award-winning comedy about three neurotic tenants living in a New York apartment building, their never-seen mutual friend Larry, and a seemingly impossible love triangle is a must see for writers of any ilk. The script from Vancouver-born playwright Melissa James Gibson (produced here by Theatre Best/Before) is precise, linguistically rich, and contains some truly phenomenal one-liners.

Gibson creates a self-contained world for her characters in which they stew in their own repressed desires and frustrated ambitions, giving one the sense that they reside in some type of domestic asylum rather than a bustling metropolis. A set design featuring simple architectural outlines denoting their closet-sized apartments and a drab colour scheme further enhance this sense of stifling existence. Director David Matheson and his cast (Daniel Krolik, Sarah Dineen and Rob Bird) do justice to the source material with highly-crafted and synchronous performances.

[sic] is delightfully obtuse and a real stand out amongst most Fringe fare.

[sic] is part of the Toronto Fringe Festival and runs until July 10. For more information go here.

By Justin Haigh