The Seven Lives of Louis Riel: questions, questions, questions

Let me think about that for a minute.

Seven things you shouldn't do when you put on a Fringe Play in Victoria:

1) Don't list a show as "All Ages / 14 + "

        Which is it: an all ages show, or a 14+ show? Make a decision.

2) Don't drop "f-bombs" at an all ages show.

        The poo & pee jokes are bad enough.

3) Don't use the "c word" in an all ages show.

        Or a 14+ show. Really.

4) Don't take questions from the audience six times DURING THE SHOW. 

        Save it for the end. Then it won't look like padding.

5) Don't try to do a Sir John A. McDonald scott accent that lapses into an Inspector-Clouseau-meets-Chekov-from-Star-Trek accent.

         Or whatever the hell that was.

6) Don't ask the audience "Would you like to see some more?" six times DURING THE SHOW.

         Because if they yell out "No!" you're not going to look good.

7) Don't ask your tech crew "How much time we got left?" three times DURING THE SHOW.

          Call me crazy, but maybe a less obvious signal between you, like a flashing light or something?

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By Paul McKinnon