Red Bastard: plank reviewer shoves her hand up his arse

Would you put your hand up there? Plank: we go where others fear to go.

Lots of rumours about the Red Bastard around the Fringe site, in line-ups, at the Fringe bar…buzz buzz buzz…so off I eagerly scampered to experience this phenomenon.

From the very beginning he is sneaky, peering out from behind the curtain, teasing the audience. And his sneakiness does not stop there. What will he do next? No idea – nobody knows, he doesn’t even know, as he uses the present audience for his adlibbing content. Oh what a bastard. But for all the bastardness exuding from his ludicrous self, I loved him - the originality, the unknown, the grossness. Here is an actor completely uninhibited, utilizing all the space a theatre has to offer for his own self indulgent means. 

The title, Red Bastard, could not be more representational: big and bulbous and red, naughty, bizarre, nasty, loving, freaky, scary, outrageous bastard of all bastards. I wanted to squeeze those big bulbous buns, actually I did better than that, I was rewarded by getting to stick my hand deep into the massive arse.

I saw the actor, Eric Davis, walking around the festival handing out fliers. He was smiling and friendly and he is actually a very good looking man. The transformation he makes into this red outrageous creature was incredible. Davis pushes clowning to levels never before reached. And you to can learn these techniques, he offers workshops and classes in many parts of the world, where he divulges his secrets to becoming a real manipulative bouffon
Sitting in the audience half in fear that he would come over to my area, which he did anyway (bastard) as I explained above, half laughing in utter hilarity and disgust, this is a show I will never forget.  The Fringiest of the Fringe, go and get some good ole Red Bastard…if you dare.

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By Lianna Walden