Pub Culture

Appropriate for post-secondary students, yes?

23 people from interdisciplinary arts studies have collaborated to create this interesting site-specific performance.  Capilano University, Douglas College, St Claire (Ont) and Studio 58 (including alumni from California) infiltrate the Backstage Lounge at the Arts Club and give us an opportunity to think about interpersonal connections made, lost and too often intermediated by technology and others.

Our MC Rachel has all the moxy and sassiness required to yank in the audience, some of whom had no idea they would become ‘the audience’.  We move through some amazing tricks of time travel (signified by Big Ben bells and slow moving actors) from 2009 to 2019 to follow the characters in their struggles to connect.

You’ll enjoy a lipsync contest and a new band that has some internal and external problems to resolve and a lovely song about a fascination with a certain someone (or maybe something) and some video material that give the show its thematic continuity.

Only two more shows: Sunday at 1:00 and 4:00 PM


By Lisa Barrett