The Middle of Everywhere – The Height Of Physical Comedy

The Middle of Everywhere is exquisitely choreographed and impeccably timed. This is theatre at its finest. And it’s even a family friendly show! Don’t miss out on The Middle of Everywhere, the epitome of the Fringe’s motto to “celebrate different!”

Before seeing the play, I had no previous knowledge of the production team’s characteristic style and iconic large fixed expression masks, or even much experience with physical theatre. I was overwhelmed at how believably the Wonderheads team brought two enormous, expressionless heads (and by extension the whole hour-long production) to life through body language. Middle of Everywhere is a theatrical cartoon sure to rival (and surpass) anything you or your kids may have been exposed to on television.

Free-spirited eleven year old, Penny, and Winston, man of particular particularities, forge an unlikely companionship at a bus stop one afternoon when they are unexpectedly whisked on a series of adventures through time and space. Their experiences make audiences laugh all along the way. From encounters with tropical bugs and a lovable horned cave monster (a subsequent recruitment to Penny and Winston’s adventures), to gate crashing a kids birthday party and taking selfies on the moon, these characters’ journey stops at nothing to demonstrate the sheer wonder of Earth and our place in it.

Sophisticated soundscapes and a short frame narrative serve to contextualize the changing setting. And set design is refreshingly simple, placing focus exactly where it should be, on the performers. Wonderheads has carefully crafted a masterpiece in the creation of The Middle of Everywhere.

No matter your age, if you believe in the wondrous possibilities of the world around you (or if you just need a reminder), you will like The Middle of Everywhere. If you’re familiar with Wonderheads then you already know you’re in for a treat, if not and you’re in the mood for something new, I can assure you you’ll enjoy this show. Fantastical. Eccentric. Whimsical. A must-see for everyone!

By Sonja Cvoric