The Measure of Love - a treasure to love

Measure of Love moves cynical Plank reviewer

There are plays that have a real emotional impact on its audience - and when you see one, it stays with you for quite some time.  The Measure of Love is one of these plays and it will most definitely stick with me for a very long time.

The play debuted in 2005 at the famed Stratford Festival. Jean Topham (who plays Mabel in this particular production) was so enamored with the work that she wanted to produce it.  Topham and Geli Bartlett (who plays Joan) are both well-suited for this two-hander, and do an exceptional job. The chemistry between them is undeniable and it is one of the many reasons the piece works so well. Nicolas Billon’s script is brilliant and poignant, flowing seamlessly from scene to scene.  The direction from Wendy Merk is also top-notch; she knows what to get from these two stellar performers.  

Since work is so intimate, the Intrepid Theatre Club is an excellent venue for it. The audience feels as if they are part of the play from the onset and the smaller theatre creates a great atmosphere. This was the first opportunity I’ve had to take in this new space and I look forward to seeing more productions in it.

Everything about this piece is simple and yet beautiful, leaving the performers to create a magical experience. The Measure of Love is an immeasurable piece of theatre and should not be missed.

The Measure of Love; written by Nicolas Billon; produced by The Tops Theatre Company; directed by Wendy Merk.  Part of The 2008 Victoria Fringe Festival.   Remaining shows at Venue 6 (Intrepid Theatre Club) on the following dates: Wed Aug 27, 8:15 • Fri Aug 29, 10:00 • Sat Aug 30, 2:45 • Sun Aug 31, 7:15. For more information move yourself here.

By Mike Vardy