Mating Rituals of the Urban Cougar - Clarity Needed from the Spoken Word Cougar


"Andrea Thompson":
is an urban cougar. She is hot, she can spin words together faster than the urban male can think them and she has loads of talent, presence, and is dedicated to the spoken word art form.

The show is Thompson's poetic discussion about being an older single female. The title to this show is misleading. When I waltzed in through the doors, I was expecting some kind of show about women, dating, and how the term "cougar" came into being. It took a couple of minutes to realize this was a show about her poetry and how her "cougar" status has affected her art. She rarely gets into the details of her dating life.

This show is not for everyone as spoken word poetry can be an acquired taste. But, if you are in the mood for some decent poems and want to learn more about Thompson's take on dating into your forties, this show is not to be missed.

If you want more information and to join in the debate slink over here.

By Shane Birley