The Macbeths: stop! stop!

The Macbeths

Victoria: This is a Howling Cow Theatre two-hander, a 60-minute quickie evisceration of William Shakespeare's original script adapted by Maria Lakes. The actors have many exits and no moments. There's more blackouts than bloodshed. Offstage killings sound like someone taking a shit. One actor, passionate as an empty chair, speaks with stones in her mouth. The other mumbles "I shall be king" as if hesitating to order bacon n' eggs for breakfast. He wears enough harness around his neck to hang himself several times. "All is had. All is spent." Pity it takes an hour before they're dead because the audience expires long before. Oh, for a curse to signify nothing....

Stop, stop, damn critic! Suffice to know that these thespians are likely decent and good people, who have not the training, the preparation, the smarts nor the talent to pull something like this off. Pale fringer, pass by.

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By Charles Tidler