Mac Attack - A Suspenseful Experience

Genre Description = Funny · Weird · Intellectual

In Michael Beamish's Mac Attack, born-again Christian Darrel travels to the remote bomb shelter his best friend Teevo calls home with the intent of asking him to be his best man.  It soon becomes clear that Teevo has long been an athiest and is not at all happy to see his best friend marry "some church bimbo you hardly know".  

A battle of wits ensues, escalates and eventually reaches the point where Teevo locks Darrel inside the bomb shelter with him with no means of escape.  Teevo reveals that he has been preparing this bomb shelter for some time, is equipped with beer, chips, hotdogs and beans to live on for the next 50 years and had expected that Darrel would join him there.  

Why is Teevo so intent on keeping Darrel from getting married?   Teevo and Darrel share a secret history, a history which is now putting Darrel in danger.  This ably acted play conjures suspense.  Will Darrel survive the Mac Attack?

By Maryth Gilroy