Jem Rolls - a man who clearly detests shopping

Jem Rolls with it

Jem Rolls is most truly a performance poet.  At 46 years of age and garbed in a red shirt, white pants and black shoes, he looks like a younger and very British version of George Carlin.

His new show, "How I learned to stop worrying and love the mall", offers his own,  often savagely misanthropic reflections on our consumer society.  It is a one man tour de force that leaves him dripping with perspiration from head to toe.

He tells us at the beginning that he is the wrong person to be talking about shopping - he finds it a joyless experience.  What follows is 8500 impassioned words offering images of supermarket plenty, car park convenience and the utter banality of everyday consumer existence.  It's an intellectual roller coaster and you can expect plenty of whinging.  Jem wants you to think and think hard about the how, why, when and what of your everyday shopping experience. You may want to consider grabbing an espresso first if you're planning to catch this hour-long master class of anti-capitalist loathing.  Believe me, you'll need all your brain cells.

For more information and to debate the show and your views on shopping here.

Please note, some of the Jem Rolls shows have been cancelled. More info at the Fringe website.

By Allyson McGrane