HUMANbeing - Sweet, Innocent and Poetic

HUMANbeing is a sweet, poetic piece about a celestial being who decides to make the Earth its home.

Enchanting and great for kids, this simple story lacks pretension, weaving fart jokes, whimsy and wonder together into an innocent tapestry.

The opening images were the strongest. Live music in the dark and great use of practical lighting. I would have like to have seen even more of that creative atmosphere throughout the show.

Performers and co-creators Sarah Roa and Andrea Ashton's strength and full commitment carry the show. There were moments where Roa's heavy breathing and larger than life children's theatre voice felt a little pushed. I wonder if the contrasts between the audience participation segments and the action had been more clear, that might have allowed Roa some more opportunities for a softer, deeper vulnerability.

HUMANbeing is more of a poetic, concept piece than a story. The aesthetic is strong, The story is very simple. It's an exploration that will leave you with images and feelings that don't need a narrative, they may leave you changed or touched in a way you can't explain. 

The performers actively encourage families and children of all ages to attend. With all the angst, pretension and R rated content in the Fringe, HUMANbeing is a refreshing piece of Innocence. 

By Danielle Benzon