Hip.Bang! presents The History of Romance - Slugs, Crabs and Love

So much has been written about romance - happy & sad, exciting & boring. What else could be written and performed? Remember that there are many kinds of love (from 4 to 7 by some count) and so many creatures, creeps and        . There are so many philosophical positions, not to mention physical positions. So take a creative duo like Tom Hill and Devin MacKenzie, and see what nonsense and mayhem they can come up with. Plenty I would say. I can tell you that most of their ideas were ones that I had never thought of. The audience seemed to love every minute of it.

The Improv Centre provided a great venue. Some tables, like mine, were inches from the stage. I endured some drive-by heckling as a result. Drinks and food could be brought in. I didn't see any thrown.

We were witness to two slugs mating in a most disgusting and humourous way, We also were the recipients of an early version of Romeo and Juliet -  one that didn't make it to a wider audience. All in all it was a fun evening and it really opened the minds of even the liberal thinkers.

Hip.Bang! presents The History of Romance is well worth seeing. Go early and get a table next to the stage.

By Randall MacKinnon