The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth

Fringe Description: Funny · Weird · In Your Face

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Magnificent welcomes you to the Greatest Monkey Show on Earth. For what you are about to experience, You’re Welcome.”  Meet Charles the Monkey, the most intelligent monkey performing today.  There will be no trainers or handlers in attendance at this show, just Charles and the audience, but never fear there are safeguards in place to ensure that the audience is safe.

Be assured that no monkeys were harmed in the making of this show. Ross Travis becomes Charles the monkey so completely that you will forget that there is a man onstage and only see a crafty, determined, talented, athletic and agile monkey.  In this one-man primate show we take a look inside of the cage and the mind of a Charles the Monkey performer, acrobat and slave.

This is a Circus Show, a Buskers Show, and an Animal Act all wrapped up in one.  Centered around a circus pole that reaches the ceiling of the Waterfront Theatre, we see thrilling feats of athletics and acrobatics that will have you at the edge of your seat.  Charles the monkey is a very funny primate that will have you laughing at and helping with his antics and escape attempts.  As you watch Charles “dance” for the audience you are able to see inside of the cage and his need for freedom, a need that we all share. 

(Please note this may sound like a fun show to take your young kids to – DON’T.  This show gets very dark near the end (literally and figuratively) and it would ensure that your youngster has nightmares for some time.)

The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth is kind of like Cirque…if Cirque hired monkeys.   An Animal Act that that even PETA would endorse. 

By Jason Broadfoot