Goosefeather - Truly a Gift

Fringe Description: Funny · Intellectual · Intimate

This could be the just the type of show, that you have been waiting for... Would you like to experience Theatre in its purest form? Would you like to be taken away on a Journey by someone who makes you feel like you are in the hands of an experienced professional? Well then this is the show for you!

Naomi Steinberg, is in every way just such a performer. From the moment she makes her way through the audience up to the stage, she invites us to come with her on what is an honest and inspiring journey of Life. She fills the venue with her wonderfully warm and calming energy and we trust that she will take us somewhere we would like to go, and so we give over to her, we relax into the world that she wants us to experience. Her world, her story which enlightens and enriches us as we happily tag along.

Ms. Steinberg has a lot to say, a lot to teach and we listen because she is speaking truths about the human condition and when she is done and it is over, all too soon, we stay in the venue because we want more, no one wanted to leave for fear of coming out of the calm state we felt at the end of the piece. We wanted to linger, stay close to the person who took us there a little bit longer. It is rare that we feel things are as they should be and that life is just what it is and so when it happens it is truly a place we would like to stay a bit longer...

It is also rare to be taken on this type of intelligent emotional journey. This is the reason that we go to the Theatre, once we've experienced it, we crave the experience again and again. We desire to be present when the energy of the performer and their story presents the possibility of change and the honesty and energy in the room become a palpable thing. All too often this simple type of honest emotional journey is ignored  but this performer is brave enough and honest enough to bring us all along on the ride. 

Naomi clearly, believes that theatre has the potential to guide, to suggest to an audience that in a short period of time they can see life differently, that theatre has the power to change the world one person at a time, and she starts with us take her up on her endeavour you will not regret it. 
Ms. Steinberg plans to take this show on tour at the end of the month which may well take her around the world with great courage and conviction she will certainly do her part to change the world through this event/experience we call theatre.


By Bev Siver