GET LOST Jem Rolls - Cheap Seats to Adventure Travel

Usually stories take a particular path to reach a particular conclusion. We have been lead to believe that order in a story is important to its outcome. We believe that even a collection of stories has an order that is preordained. Jem Rolls has pushed that concept off the back of the train as he tells tales of his travels in seemingly random order.

The order of the stories told in GET LOST Jem Rolls is random. Decided by pink cards distributed throughout the audience, shuffled and reordered with each show, no one, not the storyteller nor the audience, knows what is going on nor what will come next. A metaphor for the travel itself. Not that there isn’t order, only that as an outsider we can’t determine it. Everything is foreign, especially us. And that’s where the story gets interesting.

Jem Rolls takes us around the globe with stories of his self-proclaimed intercontinental stupidity. From Mexico and machetes (my favourite story) to rice wine in Katmandu this show is packed with more than his suitcase can hold.

Jem Rolls offers a super-fast roller coaster ride of antics. He is as physically expressive as his vocabulary is large. He covers the entire stage telling his story as we follow him around the globe from our cushioned chairs.

If you have ever wanted to leave the safety of your tourist bubble but have never been brave or stupid enough to do so, see the show and live vicariously through Jem Rolls as he travels first and asks questions later.

By Melody Owen