Frank: To Be Frank — The Rich and Framous

Frank: To Be Frank is a hilarious performance put on by the Fran Frimself. Frank is charismatic and talented – the greatest thing since cable tv, he takes water and turns it into golden water – the crossdressing showstopper himself – FRANK!

The show was awesome. I was laughing embarassingly hard the whole time. Frank draws the audience into hilarious anti-comedy, getting us to clap for shitty synth drumbeats and constant reappearances onstage. He beat an audience member in a game of name that song that I suspect may have been rigged; he double boob-edly held a beer and then drank said beer with another audience member; he got us to repeat a line of song a good ten times in a row while offstage like a bunch of weird maniacs. It was bizarre and entirely wonderful.

If you loved Birdmann last Fringe you'll love Frank this year – it's certainly a spiritual relative, both artists coming from Australia with a very audience-based approach that gets people on the edge of their seats in anticipation and adoration of complete and beautiful nonsense.

Uniquely twisted and inane, Frank: To be Frank was certainly one of my favourite shows of this Fringe, and if you'd like a little Fraction this week you should go check it out.

By Kit Martens