Festa! – Charming Pork and Cheese

Festa! is a charming look at Portuguese culture and the way it has melded into the Canadian fabric, specifically in Vancouver. It is done in a dinner theatre environment and I would recommend coming with an appetite! The actors (Maria Cruz and Sandra Medeiros) bustle about between the tables of the small dining venue, sit at the tables and chat with the audience in a very interactive environment.

The story follows multiple generations living at the same time and fades between english, portuguese, and penglish. The fight between between a wife and her husband about him booking a fishing trip on their anniversary weekend, the story of smuggling portuguese food back to Canada on the airplane, the godmother trying to get her teenage godchild to eat meat - “it''ll get you good grades!” - despite her vegetarianism all paint a colourful picture of the culture.

So if you love immersing yourself in culture, family drama, and excellent food come see Festa!

By Kit Martens