Faroe Islands + Ostrich: Tapas Before The Feast

I wish every Fringe venue were on Granville Island, even if it meant spaces like this. The fluorescent lights are terrible, though are apt for this double bill. The space needs theatre lighting or even just lamps. I hope Lind Hall, the Arts Umbrella dance hall, the Arts Club stage, the Improv Centre, and more are added again or utilized full time during the Fringe next year so that audience members can spend more time seeing shows and less time traveling across the city.

Faroe Islands + Ostrich take us on a brief journey of activism followed by a master class in public relations. The two plays by Nicolas Billon intertwine and complement each other well. I preferred the script for Ostrich as I felt it had more depth, drive, and authenticity. Craig March fit the role well and the character and subject matter were more interesting. Faroe Islands was more digressive and less focused, though it had a nice twist near the end. Even together, the plays felt like appetizers; you may wish to see them before a more substantial main course.

By Jim MacDonald