Famous Haydell Sisters – A Sexy Musical Romp

Mattie and Maybelle Haydell (Donna Kay Yarborough and Sadie Bowman)

The show opens with a glimpse of the sisters, Mattie and Maybelle Haydell (played by Donna Kay Yarborough and Sadie Bowman), bickering as they set up. Over the whole show the two sisters break up their songs to argue about their respective histories since their high flying nineties duo broke up in ‘93—and about the restraining order Lyle Lovett placed against Maybelle. They recount their history in bits and pieces, from the innocent childhood songs their grandpa told them about red-headed peckers, to their meteoric rise to stardom from their humble laundromat venues, to the halls of “country royalty,” to their subsequent meteoric fall complete with tinfoil-lined cowboy hats and a trek across Australia.

Personally my first impression when the stage lights came on was the incredible shine coming off Maybelle’s guitar that would flash me in the eyes like a hot country sunrise every few minutes. I am also not a huge fan of country music so I was getting a little antsy right at the start but the show managed to grab my fancy by the second number. Their contractually obligatory numbers complete with an articulate prattling-off at the end were really enjoyable. Their wrangler jean product placement number was relatable, as one who also believes that one of the highlights of dating a cowboy lies in the view as he walks away. Wrangler Butt was a good number, is what I'm trying to say.

Overall it was fun, down-to-earth, and full of dirty laughs. Of course it could’ve used more cowbell but Chris can’t always have his way. Especially when he's “Walkin’ away in a pair of tight Wranglers.” So if you like innocent songs about woodpeckers, good old-fashioned abstinence-based education, cowboy butts, good old Christian love-the-teeth-out-of-your-face values, and boot-stomping country music, you'll love the Famous Haydell Sisters.

By Kit Martens