Eyes of the Enemy - Difficult to Watch

Genre definition = Intense · In Your Face · Intellectual

This production, a two-hander, with Chris W Cook, the playwright as one of the two characters, comes from Edmonton.  We are presented with a journalist recently returned from Afghanistan.   Time: the present, so the issues are real and important.  The representative of an unnamed "agency" abducts the writer (who is conveniently Canadian-American) to the United States, where he has no chance of government protection.  

Obliquely at first, the questioner wants to know who he met in Kabul, and whether they might be active terrorists.  Soon the unfortunate journalist is tied to a chair with a black bag over his head, with his questions about this treatment unanswered. The interrogation - oh so convincing - leads gradually to pain, to torture. I told myself, first, that these were actors in Vancouver. Then I closed my eyes. Rather than resort to fingers deep in my ears, after about half-an-hour, fearing nightmares, I slipped out - which I recall doing only once before. I don't think of myself as particularly squeamish, but - reviewer though I was - I could not face any more. Should I reproach myself, or did the cast go too far?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did anyone else see Eyes of the Enemy? If so, what did you think?

By Malcolm Page