"didn’t see that coming" - An Experience You Can Relate To

Fringe Description: Funny · Musical · Intimate

"didn’t see that coming" a phrase many of us can relate to you when reflecting on moments in our life. Beverley Elliott, a local actress known for her role as Granny in the TV series Once Upon a Time, shares her “didn’t see it coming “ moments of her life.  

Online dating, her first rock concert and the endurance of a hot yoga class are some of her stories interspersed by original songs sung by Elliott in a clear, crisp powerful voice that captures the hope and awe this actress has in the life that has unfolded for her. This is a life of an artistic, creative middle aged women who grew up in a strict Presbyterian household, travelled to the West Coast and stayed to pursue her dreams.

Hmmm… I just realized I described parts of myself. Perhaps this is why didnt see that coming is selling to sold out shows. Elliott has captured the essence of a life well lived filled with laughter, tears, hope and love, something her audience can relate to. 

By MJ Ankenman