Dave Morris is An Asshole: but a pretty cool one

Dave Morris: asshole

Dave Morris is An Asshole.

Actually, he's not. That's just the name of the show. Which is a bit strange, because, Dave Morris is a really nice guy. Maybe he's just trying to get in touch with his inner bad boy, or perhaps it's just a clever marketing device. Hopefully this show will get Dave the exposure he deserves by introducing him to larger audience that doesn't usually go out to see improv.

So yes, the show is a one-man improv - but don't let that scare you away. Morris knows his stuff. It's not an easy task to hold an audience's attention by yourself while making it up as you go along, but Dave manages it with a stumbling form of grace that's all his own.

The show should have been set in a more intimate venue, as Morris works better close up than he does at a distance, but this is a minor quibble. Whatever show I saw (the one with the "unicorn pony"- how "bad ass" is that?) isn't going to be the one you'll see, that's the nature of improv, and also its magic; Morris creates his show right before your very eyes.

Pretty cool for an asshole.

Dave Morris is An Asshole is currently on as part of this year's Victoria Fringe Festival. For more information get anal here.

By Paul McKinnon