Here to Go: join the movement as emerging dance artists take the stage

Here To Go: peppered with the eye-catching, photo by Kassandra Prus

Created, produced and performed by Mutable Subject, The Contingency Plan and The Story of Force and Motion, *Here To Go: join the movement* has moments of choreographic and performative enthusiasm that reinforce these companies’ energetic names. The product of a group of Vancouver’s emerging dance artists and Simon Fraser University dance programme grads, this piece can absorb the audience with its driving and opposing movements and sequencing.

Sections of flowing partner work, for example, contrast with firm and stiff movements of the head and arms. At other points, dancers boldly advance, then retreat in fearful scuffling steps. Here to Go is also peppered with eye-catching visuals which are, at times, attention grabbing. In one notable segment, a woman—taped to the floor—emerges slowly from a sticky cocoon, evoking the raw beauty of birth as the audience looks on.

Outside of these compelling moments, however, Here To Go lacks cohesion and an overarching narrative structure. Captivating choreographic samples are lost among larger sections that fail to attend to the weighty issues of space, form and intent.

That this work features young artists who are talented and driven by a passion in dance is clear. It is, I believe, whether they attend more to polishing individual movements, to developing their ‘stage presence’, and to gaining a larger vision as to where their choreographies should go—or what they must achieve—that will decide the success of future works.

_Here to Go: join the movement played at The Beaumont Stage, January 28th (8pm) and January 29th (7pm and 9pm) For more information go_ "here":

By Nicolette Little