Confessions of a Paperboy: this is one to see!

Confessions of a Paperboy

Highly recommended! Don't let the slightly lame description of this play in the Fringe guide dissuade you - this is a genuinely wonderful play mostly due to the talent of actor Giovanni Mocibob, and it's well worth your time. 

As advertised, the play is about 10-year old paperboy Christopher Columbus, who hears the voice of God inside himself, and his efforts to help those he meets. What isn't advertised is the great accomplishment of Mr. Mocibob in his characterizations. When Christopher is experiencing the early morning stillness of the city, you can feel the fresh, quiet air around you; whether the scene has 10-year old Christopher in dialogue with a WWII veteran or a broken-hearted housewife, Mr. Mocibob brings emotion and authenticity to each character as he switches back and forth between them. The script offers a 1950's sentimentality which may not be what the coolest Fringe-goer expects, but I  seriously doubt there are more than a handful of actors in this year's line up who will offer better. If you want to see an skilled piece of Canadian theatre, this is one to see.

Confessions of a Paperboy is playing as part of the Vancouver Fringe.  Go here for details. 

By Kyira Korrigan